• Where Is The Acura TLX Made?
    The Acura TLX is a luxury sedan that started with the 2015 model year offered by Honda’s luxury auto manufacturer. The TLX comes equipped with either a 4-cylinder or 6-cylinder engine and is offered in 6 different trim levels: Base TLX, Technology, A-Spec, Advance, Type S, Type S Performance Wheel & Tire. In this article, … Read more
  • Is A Ford Mustang A Good First Car?
    The Ford Mustang is a pony car that was first introduced in 1964. Since 1964, the Mustang has been offered in various forms such as a fastback, coupe, and most recently as an Electric Vehicle (EV). While many of us dreamed to have a Mustang as a first car when we were in high school, … Read more
  • Is A Volkswagen Beetle A Good First Car?
    Many people, both young and old around the world have fallen in love with the “V-Dub” or “Bug” as it has often been nicknamed. From its early days, the Beetle was a bare-bones car built primarily for the masses and was often revered as a working person’s car. Since it was considered safe to drive, … Read more
  • How Long Does The Subaru WRX Last?
    Subaru has a devoted fan base who have remained brand loyal over the years and many other people who are newly drawn to the brand. As such, new questions are emerging from those who are considering purchasing a Subaru. One of the frequent questions asked by people who are considering the purchase of a Subaru … Read more
  • Where Is The Acura Integra Made?
    The Acura Integra is a compact sports car offered by Honda’s luxury brand that made its first appearance in the market in 1986.  The Integra and Legend were the first two vehicles launched by the Acura brand back in 1986. The Integra has a 1.5 L VTEC Turbo engine and is offered in 4 different … Read more
  • Can You Drive A Nissan 350z In The Snow?
    The 5th generation 350z was manufactured by Nissan from 2002 through 2009. It is among the top-rated models, with the sporty two-seater built for speed and style. Although Nissan designed it to be a performance car, many people often wonder about its capability in the snow. You may know someone who seems to drive a … Read more
  • Is A Volkswagen Golf A Good First Car?
    The very first Volkswagen Golf rolled off of the assembly line in March 1974. It has proven to have a lot of staying power since that time, and plenty of people are curious about if this vehicle may be the ideal choice as a first car for themselves or their children. Since 1974, Volkswagen has … Read more
  • How Long Do Hyundai Elantras Last?
    If you are looking for a vehicle that is attractive, great on gas, and affordable, then you have probably come across the Hyundai Elantra. This vehicle has been in production for many years and continues to be manufactured by Hyundai.   If you are considering purchasing a Hyundai Elantra or have recently purchased an Elantra, then … Read more
  • Luxury Cars That Start With The Letter J
    There are many luxury vehicles or luxury vehicle brands that start with the letter J that are currently being produced. While there have been some luxury vehicles in the past that start with the letter J such as the Infiniti J-30, this article will focus on the luxury brands and vehicles that are currently in … Read more
  • Sports Cars That Start With The Letter M
    There are several sports car models that start with the letter M. Some of the sports cars that start with the letter M are still in production while others can only be purchased in the used market. Sports Cars That Start With The Letter M There are 9 sports cars that start with the letter … Read more
  • How Long Do Nissan Altimas Last?
    The Nissan Altima is a mid-size vehicle that Nissan has produced since the early 90’s. The Altima fits between the Sentra and the Maxima within Nissan’s model lineup. The Altima has been offered with both 4-cylinder and six-cylinder options throughout the years. In certain years, the Altima has been offered with manual and automatic transmissions … Read more
  • Luxury Cars That Start With M
    There aren’t as many luxury car brands that start with the letter M as one may think. Through the years the list has been a bit longer than it currently is, but many of those auto manufacturers are no longer in existence. This article will list the luxury vehicles that are currently being produced that … Read more
  • How Much Does A Smart Car Weigh?
    As we pass Smart cars on the road, many of us can’t help but wonder how much they weigh. This article will provide a brief overview of the Smart brand and list the different models of Smart cars and their respective weights. How Much Does A Smart Car Weigh? The weight of a Smart car … Read more
  • Is A Honda Civic A Good First Car?
    Honda is a popular vehicle manufacturer and the Civic is one of their most popular cars on the market.  The Honda Civic sedan comes in four trim levels with 4-cylinder engines and the EX and Touring are turbocharged.  The Civic also comes in a hatchback and Type R model. Below we will discuss whether a … Read more
  • Pros And Cons Of Owning A Mercedes
    Mercedes is a highly coveted luxury vehicle manufacturer that is well known all over the world.  As such, many people only think about the positive aspects of being able to own a Mercedes but may not consider the negative aspects. This article will discuss the pros and cons of owning a Mercedes to help you … Read more
  • Is A Mercedes A Good First Car?
    Mercedes is a vehicle manufacturer that has a reputation for high-class luxury.  Owning a Mercedes is a dream for many and has been recognized as the most sought-after car brand. Even though owning a Mercedes would be fulfilling a dream for many people, is a Mercedes a good first car?  This article will dive into … Read more
  • Can You Drive A Camaro In The Snow?
    Some cars perform better in the snow than other cars. While other cars that may not perform well in the snow perform exceptionally well in dry conditions. The Camaro is a car that performs better in dry conditions as opposed to in the snow. Fortunately for those of us who enjoy driving sporty cars such … Read more
  • Is A BMW 3 Series A Good First Car?
    The BMW 3 Series is a luxury compact sports sedan that was first produced in 1975.  The 3 Series comes in both 2.0-liter inline 4-cylinder and 3.0-liter inline 6-cylinder engines. This article will dive into whether the BMW 3 Series is a good first car, this includes looking at the pros and cons of owning … Read more
  • Can You Drive A Mustang In The Snow?
    Driving in the snow can be stressful in any car, but in some cars, it can be a downright hair-raising experience. Fortunately, technological advances have made driving many modern cars in the snow a bit easier than it once was previously. This article will explore whether you can drive a Mustang in the snow. Can … Read more
  • How Long Do Camaros Last?
    The Camaro is a midsize coupe manufactured by Chevrolet (Chevy). Considered by many to be the Ford Mustang’s main competition in the Pony Wars, the Camaro is considered a Pony Car and depending on the engine, also a muscle car. If you are shopping for a Camaro or are just curious about the lifespan of … Read more
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