Luxury Cars That Start With B

Luxury cars have been around for nearly as long as the automobile has been available on the mass market. Some brands focus on producing only luxury cars and SUVs. Whereas other manufacturers offer luxury cars among their many varieties of vehicle types.

The following article gives you a closer look at luxury cars offered that start with the letter B.

What Is A Luxury Car?

Luxury cars are typically known for providing elegant appointments, extravagant features, and increased comfort.

Before the current CAFÉ standards, luxury cars were typically powered by larger engines having 8, 10, or 12 cylinders which provided smooth performance and effortless acceleration while cruising.

Many luxury cars also have suspensions that are designed to provide a riding experience further promoted a smooth non-jarring ride. They typically also offer roomy interiors and incorporated premium materials such as leather, wood, and even crystal.

While newer luxury cars are still designed to provide smooth performance, many newer luxury cars are now powered by six-cylinder and four-cylinder turbo engines that get better fuel economy compared to the larger engines previously used.

Although in some cases you can still find luxury brands that stick to the original formula of using a large engine.

Luxury Cars That Start With B

There are three luxury car brands that start with the letter B. Two European car manufacturers whose names start with a “B” produce some of the world’s most renowned luxury automobiles.

The luxury car brands are as follows:

  • BMW
  • Bently
  • Buick


BMW is a very highly influential and successful German luxury automaker that was founded in 1916. BMW produces luxury sedans, coupes, and SUVs that have sporty characteristics.  

BMW sedans and coupes are widely regarded for their styling, power, and performance while delivering a luxurious experience for owners and passengers. These vehicles offer the option for wooden trim and leather upholstery in virtually every model.

BMW assigns a series of numbers to each model in its lineup with higher numbers often providing increased luxury and performance. BMW offers a wide array of sedans and coupes that can meet the needs of a broad customer base.

BMW’s 2 and 3 series vehicles appeal to drivers who are looking for the BMW luxury experience in a smaller sedan.

While the 5 and 7 series sedans often appeal to drivers who want a larger sedan but still would like the performance and sporty experience that have become synonymous with the BMW brand. The 7 series BMW sedans and SUVs are often regarded as the epitome of the brand’s luxury.  


Bentley is a very high-end British luxury brand that competes directly with Rolls Royce. Bentley was founded in 1919 and currently offers the Continental GT, Fling Spur, and the Bentayaga.

Classic Bentley vehicles such as the Arnage, Azure, Brooklands, and Mulsanne helped to define Bentley as one of the world’s most luxurious car brands.

Bentley is known for the fact that they handcraft their vehicles and can make bespoke vehicles to ensure that their owner has a one-of-a-kind vehicle.

Bentley is one of the few remaining auto manufacturers that use larger displacement engines such as 8- and 12-cylinder engines to provide powerful yet ultra-smooth rides.


Buick is an American auto-manufacturer of luxury vehicles that was founded in 1899. Buick makes luxurious vehicles that are more reasonably priced than ultra-luxury cars such as Bentley.  

The Buick Regal and LeSabre are two vehicles first manufactured in the 50s and 60s that helped to define Buick as a luxury brand.

While Buick no longer produces sedans, they provide several SUVs and crossovers that offer luxurious amenities. While not quite as prestigious as some other “B” brands, Buick provides a luxury feel.  

Honorable Mentions


Bugatti makes some of the world’s best sports cars that have luxury comforts. Bugatti was founded in France in 1909 and manufactures supercars such as the Chiron and Veyron. Bugatti vehicles are among the priciest cars on the market with selling prices in the millions of dollars.


While it doesn’t qualify as an auto manufacturer, since it does not produce its own vehicles, Brabus is worthy of an honorable mention.

Brabus is a German company founded in 1977 that fine-tunes mostly luxury vehicles such as Mercedes Benz, Porsche, and even Rolls Royce.

Brabus often enhances the performance and handling of pre-existing vehicles from these manufacturers, effectively turning them into Brabus editions.


Bufori is a luxury car manufacturer headquartered in Malaysia. Bufori manufacturers hand-crafted luxury vehicles whose design style is inspired by the smaller American-made coupes from the 1930s.

Bufori is similar to a custom luxury carmaker and limits its annual product to 300 vehicles from its factory in Kuala Lumpur. Bufori combines a futuristic take on classic styling to provide vehicles that are one of a kind.


There are three luxury car brands that start with the letter B, BMW, Bentley, and Buick. While Bugatti offers cars with luxurious appointments, most people would define them as a supercar instead of a luxury car.

Brabus is not a luxury car brand, this company enhances vehicles that have already been manufactured by high-end luxury brands. Once Brabus has modified the vehicle they are often re-named using a naming convention provided by Brabus.

The last luxury car manufacturer that starts with B is Bufori. Bufori manufacturers hand-built limited edition luxury vehicles.

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