Where Is The Toyota RAV4 Made?

The Toyota RAV4 is a crossover SUV that came to market in 1994.  The RAV4 also has the distinction of being Toyota’s first crossover-type vehicle manufactured.

The Toyota RAV4 has a 2.5 L 4-cylinder engine in three different models: The LE, Hybrid LE, and XLE. 

This article will discuss where Toyota RAV4s are made generally as well as how you can find where your individual RAV4 was made.

Where Is The Toyota RAV4 Made?

Toyota RAV4s have been made in many different locations including Japan, China, Canada, Russia, and the United States.  The latest generation of the RAV4 is currently being produced in all five countries mentioned depending on the model.

Breakdown Of Where Each RAV4 Model Year Was Made

Model YearsManufactured
1995-2000Japan (Motomachi and Tahara plants) and China
2001-2005Japan (Tahara and Nagakusa plants)
2006-2012Japan (Takaoka and Nagakusa plants), Canada and China
2013-2018Japan (Nagakusa and Takaoka plants), Canada, China and Russia
2019-presentJapan (Takaoka and Nagakusa plants), Canada, China, Russia and USA

Are Any Toyota RAV4s Made In The USA?

Yes, currently the majority of the RAV4s sold in the US are also made in the US.  The Toyota RAV4 Hybrid LE is exclusively made in the United States. 

The RAV4 Hybrid LE only started to be produced in the US with the 2020 model year.  Prior to the 2020 model year, all RAV4s were produced overseas at one of Toyota’s other manufacturing plants.

What Manufacturer Makes Toyota RAV4?

Toyota Motor Corporation makes Toyota vehicles including the RAV4.  This company is based out of Japan and was established by Kilchiro Toyoda in August of 1937.

Where Are Toyota Engines Made?

Toyota engines are made at all of their various plant locations in Japan, China, Canada, Russia, and the United States.

Checking Where Your Specific RAV4 Was Made?

Cars have a unique number called Vehicle Identification Numbers (VIN).  The VIN will help you narrow down where your specific RAV4 was manufactured.

You can locate your car’s VIN either on the car’s title, on the bottom left side of the windshield, inside the driver’s door, or underneath the hood of your car.

The first digit denotes the county where the car was made.  Below are the options you are most likely see as the first digit of your VIN:

  • J = Japan
  • 1,4,5 = USA
  • 2 = Canada
  • X = Russia
  • L = China

Another way to tell is by locating the VIN sticker in your car and looking at the bottom of the sticker.  It will state “MADE IN” the location where it was manufactured.

Final Thoughts

Toyota RAV4s are made in five different countries, with the Hybrid LE being made exclusively in the United States.  Although Toyota is a Japanese auto manufacturer, most of the production of the RAV4 for the US market has moved from Japan and are now being made at a US plant.

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